The return was a long and boring process, but in the end I reached Nice on saturday, 9am local time. The things went fast after that. My parents were waiting, so happy to see me. they brought me to the hospital "just to check my ankle". Everything seams to be ok, and will be completly fine soon. I slept the whole afternoon on saturday, get up at 7pm, just in time to be picked by my friends heading to Nice. We went to a restaurant. I had a wonderful meal, gnocchi, and then we headed to a bar (we had to split our team in two). We played pool (Ol' good times) and then we finished up at a friend's place, watching videos, smockin' and talkin'. Is this it? I've not left to go back to the routine, with the same people, places, and activities: I miss you all, it was about getting trashed, but it also had another feeling beside it. I feel empty right now, I can't really concentrate myself on the work I have to do for the next semester. Hope it will be ok soon, and it's only the jetlag in my brain. Anyway It's pretty hard to get connected with the French habits and my family. Especially when you left your heart on the other side.

Pictures soon !